Class times & details

Weekly combined Aikido & Kenjutsu Classes are on


Mondays 10.00 - 11.45am @ Dorking Sports Centre

Wednesday 7:00 - 9:00pm @  Westcott Reading Room, Westcott.

The classes are open to adults and teenagers, women and men.

If you are attending the class, please arrive 20-30 minutes earlier. This will allow time for you to change and to help set up the mats on which we practice.

Wednesday classes run all year round except for: 2 weeks closing at Xmas/ New Year and in August.

Monday classes run in school term time only!!!!

Children  5-12 years old

Monday afternoons once a month -get in touch for dates

( e-mail nicolaendicott at

Want to join the class

All new attendees are required to watch the first class, for which there is no charge. This applies even if you have already practiced Aikido or other martial arts before. You will need to assess whether what is being studied is of interest to you and whether the style of teaching suits you, before you join. You may join in on the second class.

If you have any questions you can ask the teacher after the class.

What happens during a class

This Aikido training focuses first on the health of the participant, that is the state of their body and mind. Thus the beginning of the class is spent gently stretching the body and practising some breathing and centering exercises; so slowly relaxing tensions in the body and calming the myriad of thoughts in the mind. This enables one be in a more relaxed, focused and balanced state before interacting with others.

The second part of the class is what most people imagine to be a martial art and involves practising defence against set attacks. Self-defence is achieved through blending and absorbing the energy and movement of an attack, creating in turn a positive movement that ideally does not endanger the receiver or attacker. This is a skill that can be developed with time, and is easier said than done! It involves unlearning habits such as: pre-empting, pushing away, getting anxious, scared, getting into a fight, etc. New habits, such as: softening one's body, receiving from centre, standing still in the face of conflict and much more are practised, and often can be useful for everyday life too.

A third part of the class is dedicated to the practice of Kashima No Tachi Kenjutsu, a sword form practised with wooden or bamboo swords. Practising this sword form requires many of the same skills as the empty hand work described above, it can also help you develop more focus and alertness.

What to wear

Beginners can wear a track suit or loose fitting clothes to start with; unless of course you happen to have a martial arts suit with a white belt, which would be ideal. No shoes are needed, bare feet is the norm.

Once you have decided to practice regularly, you will be expected to buy yourself a martial art suit (a karate or judo suit is suitable for Aikido) and your own sword.

Get in touch 

e-mail: nicolaendicott at


Costs & venue

Costs per

2 hour class



1 1/4 hour class

£15 per class for adults

£12 per class for teenagers

£8 per class for children

Teenager Block booking : 5 consecutive classes in advance £50 in advance (£10 per class)
Adult Block booking: 5 consecutive classes in advance

£55  in advance  (£11 per class)

Adult Block booking: 10 consecutive classes in advance £100  in advance (£10 per class)
Annual Dojo membership (including insurance)

£30 per year for adults

£18 per year for teenagers

£17 per year for children

Please note with the advance payments, whether monthly or in blocks of consecutive classes, if you miss a class then this is your loss, you do not get an extra class later that month
Membership runs from January each year and ends in December, whenever you join

Dorking Sports Centre

Reigate Rd,  Dorking RH4 1SN

The Westcott reading Room

Institute Road
Surrey RH4 3NP

Directions to Westcott Reading Room

From Dorking: take A25 towards Guildford, after entering Westcott village take left turn, after bus stop, down Institute Rd and into car park.

From Guildford: Take A25 towards Dorking. After entering Westcott, turn right into Institute Rd, shortly after  Church and Indian Restaurant on right.

There is a bus service no. 21 from Dorking railway station at 6:15pm or White Horse on Dorking High St at 6:19pm arriving in Westcott Green at 6:26pm.

There is ample parking in front of the venue and it is free.

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