About the dojo

The dojo was set up by Nicola Endicott and first started in Battersea, London, in March 1998. A weekly class ran there for 10 years.

From September 2007, a weekly class was started in Dorking and this now continues in Westcott near Dorking.

The class numbers are small (4-12), which allows for more individual tuition.

The dojo is a member of the International Shiseikan Budo Association (ISBA). This connects 45 dojos worldwide, including the Shiseikan Dojo in Tokyo, Japan.

We practice Aikido alongside Kenjutsu (sword technique). Both require the learning of the same body/mind principles.

Gradings take place yearly for kyu grades and twice a year in London for Dan grades.

About the Teachers

Nicola Endicott has been studying martial arts for over 35 years and Aikido for the last 30 years. In 1994, she was awarded a black belt 1st Dan in Aikido when in Japan. She received her 2nd Dan on a summer course in Wales with Inaba Sensei in 2006, she recently was awarded her 3rd Dan in January 2012. Since 1990, her practise of Aikido has also been informed and influenced by her Meditation and Shiatsu practise. Nicola is also a Shiatsu practitioner and runs a Shiatsu practices in SW London and Dorking, Surrey.

Marco Comin has been studying Aikido with Nicola Endicott for the last 12 years and obtained his a 1st Dan in January 2012. His Aikido practice is informed by his many years of working in security and his first hand experiences of dealing with real everyday conflict situations. Marco has been teaching classes in the dojo since 2006.

Gill Brown has practised martial arts for many years, starting with Judo and then six years of Wado-Ryu karate with Tatsuo Suzuki 8th Dan. Since 2007 she has studied Aikido and Kenjutsu with Nicola Endicott and Martin Abrahams and was awarded her black belt 1st Dan in December 2013. She runs an evening Aikido class in Merton with her training partner Ron Leonard and is based in Sutton, where she works as an Acupuncturist.

Steve Austwick has studied martial arts for 26 years; he started when 17 years old with Karate and Ko-Budo, obtaining a 2nd Dan in 1992. His studies branched into Tai-Jutsu in which he was awarded a 3rd Dan in 1994. After a 10 year break from training; in 2012 Steve started studying Aikido and Kenjutsu with Nicola Endicott at Westcott and was awarded his 1st Dan in JUne 2014, he is also currently studying Chen style Tai-Chi.

The benefits of practice - what students say

  • "I find it settles my mind and relaxes me"
  • "Physically I have noticed improvements in my posture and a reduction in back pain"
  • "I enjoy the added fitness and flexibility"
  • "It can be applied to all aspects of life; it has noticeably benefited my home and work life, as well as my relationships"
  • "Aikido has helped my concentration and ability to focus"
  • "It has given me confidence and strength; I can cope better in times of stress"